Prometheus is a deterministic wildland fire growth simulation model based on the Fire Weather Index (FWI) and Fire Behaviour Prediction (FBP) sub-systems of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS). The model computes spatially-explicit fire behaviour and spread outputs given heterogeneous fuel, topography and weather conditions. All spatial outputs are compatible with Geographic Information Systems. Learn more...

Potential Applications

Prometheus COM

COM (Common Object Model) is Microsoft Windows programming standard that allows object-oriented COM components (Dynamic Link Libraries) to be re-used in different software applications and languages without sharing source code. Prometheus uses this component-based software architecture. The important principles of COM include:

Prometheus is engineered using five separate COMs. These COMs are called low-level interfaces and include:

To facilitate the use of these low-level interfaces, an umbrella or wrapper COM was developed. This high-level interface is called PrometheusCOM. It provides a more user-friendly interface for programmers to communicate with the low level COMs. Examples of software applications that integrate PrometheusCOM components include Burn-P3, Pandora, Pegasus, and SFMS. COM Programmer's Documentation can be accessed on-line.